STAUBER Best Clear Desk- Acrylic Classic (48" W x 15" D x 30" H) No tool assembly like glass desk




Product Description 

The Stauber Best Clear Desk is made 100% of premium clear acrylic and is an American made masterpiece. The desk's slender and straight legs are effortlessly assembled without tools using the unique STAUBER locking design. Its perpendicular leg profile gives unrivaled strength and the classic look maximizes visual real estate. 



clear acrylic table at fancy event

Event planners. this is the table you have been looking for. Your event will be the party to your guests will remember. Being at a glass looking table is like a fairy tale style dinning experience. When the light embellishes the table, that it when everyone goes crazy.  Another reason this table is great for events is that you can assemble it and disassemble with no tools and it only takes around 15 minutes. This temporary to permanent use feature is another reason that makes this table so special. Clean it, protect it, Take it home, and you are ready for the next event.



gold beach clear acrylic desk at home officenice clear desk at office environmentlady at clear desk with a look that matches any decorno tools assembly for clear acrylic deskstauber best desk in clear acrylicProduct Care

 Acrylic care consists of no more than normal wipe-cleaning to keep it looking new – but care should be taken to avoid scratches. When applying cleaner, use a non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth that won't scratch the surface. Avoid any cleaning products that contain alcohol, ammonia, aromatics, and other abrasives. We recommend using a new or separate cloth for your acrylic care.

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