Stauber Best Magnetic Sponge (2 pack) - Let your Sponge Drip Dry.


Size: Blue


The All-new Magnetic sponge is the first of its kind and won't take up lots of space in your sink. With our Patent-pending sponge and magnetic mounting system cleaning dishes becomes a breeze and stays in the sink. With our line of Stauber Best sponge holders and new magnetic sponges, you'll have everything you need to fight stinky sponge smell and bacterial growth on your cleaning products.

Remove and scrub away everyday dirt and grease with the non-scratch, odor-resistant StauberBest Magnetic Sponge. Clean cookware and any hard countertop with our long-lasting sponges. One side being a scouring pad to help clean even the dirtiest and hard to remove dirt, while the other sponge side allows you to easily absorb water and clean messes. WARNING: DO NOT MICROWAVE THIS SPONGE. The specially made magnet will let you keep counter space clean and will ensure your sponge doesn't fall into the sink while keeping a low profile.
  • Magnetic mounting system
  • Anti-rotation and adhesive square
  • Drip dry design
  • Slim profile
  • works with Stauber Best sponge holder


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