How big should a sneeze guard be?
Although it may vary depending on the space in which it is used, the recommended height of a sneeze guard is 6 feet from the floor. This mitigates the direct viral vectors for average height individuals. has designed a sneeze guard for almost all situations. Offices, retail stores, classrooms, and elevators to name a few. Each location is different in terms of the sneeze guard configuration needed so has continued to create new and cutting edge designs to fit each company's scenario. StauberBest Sneeze Guards with 18” and 24” in height are ideal for office cubicles and retail store counters to reach up to the 6' height mark, while our Large Sneeze Guard and Tall Sneeze Guard are perfect for low desks in offices and classroom settings. When tables and counters are not an option, the StauberBest Floor Standing Sneeze Guard is a practical choice. At 6ft tall with a range of 2’-4’ in width, our Floor Standing Sneeze Guard can help protect you while standing in line, in an elevator, and even in a laboratory. The optimal height is crucial for everyone's protection and it is why the sneeze guards are designed with the customers sneeze trajectory in mind.
Sneeze guards

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