Stauber Best Bathtub Hair Catcher and Tub Stopper - two in one device that catches clogs before they happen.

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Size: Large (Curly Hair)
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Tired of calling the plumber every time the tub won't drain? well, there is a new device in town the Stauber Best 2 in one hair catcher and tub stopper!
  • Easy to use - Push the tub stopper down all the way to stop the water from draining and pull up gently to drain the tub and catch all that hair.
  • No More Clogs - Our Large bathtub strainers fit any drain wider than 1.5". The Hair Catcher is designed to effortlessly catch long curly, straight, or pet hair without blocking the water flow.
  • Save money - Stop paying the plumber to snake your drain again and again for hundreds of dollars. Liquid drain unclogger can be like literally throwing money down the drain!
  • Patent Pending


It's here, a new era of catching hair in the drain! Merging these two devices into one makes giving the kids a bath that much easier. Go ahead give the dog a bath too. Your hands are already full and rummaging through the drawers to find where the kids hid the hair catcher or the stopper is just too cumbersome. Now you don't need two different products to buy and lose. This new hair catcher fundamentally changes how to catch hair in the drain while allowing the water to flow freely.  We designed our patent-pending device to catch either curly or straight hair so that it is customized to your needs. The device is compact, catches the clog before it happens in your drain, and is easy to clean. Other hair catchers just don't work because they get clogged with all the gunk or drain water too slowly. Now you can go to sleep at night knowing that your pipes and your kids are clean. Put our Hair catcher and tub stopper to the test and you'll see why it's called the best. 

For more information on how to use the hair catcher and tub stopper please watch our embedded youtube video above.

For questions about size or anything else please refer to our live chat customer support rep they'll be glad to help.

For drains under 1.5" please refer to the small Hair Catcher and Tub Stopper page liked above. If you have a post in your drain that your having trouble taking us please refer to customer support to guide you in removal.

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