Stauber Best Bathtub Hair Catcher and Tub Stopper - two in one device that catches clogs before they happen.

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Hair Type: Curly
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No More Clogs - The Hair Catcher is designed to effortlessly catch long curly, straight, or pet hair without blocking the water flow.


What sets our hair catcher apart from the rest, is its superior design and quality. The StauberBest hair catcher catches a variety of types of hair whether it be straight, curly, or even belonging to your pets. Our product is designed to stop and catch hair before it has the chance to clog your drain yet giving you enough time to take a few showers before cleaning it. Other brand hair catchers tend to easily build up with gunk and cause blockage quickly. An added benefit to our product is the 2 in 1 factor, not only is it a hair catcher, but it's also a tub stopper. Place fully into the drain to stop the water to draw a bath, or lift slightly and prevent all the hair from going down into your drain.

  • Easy to use - Pull it up and push it down - changes the device from a hair catcher to a tub stopper. 
  • Fits Any Bathtub Drain.
  • Save money - Stop paying the plumber to snake your drain again and again for hundreds of dollars. 
  • Patent Pending. 

If you have a post in your drain that your having trouble taking us please refer to customer support to guide you in removal.

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