StauberBest Gopro Extension Pole Adaptor


Size: Adaptor no pole


The StauberBest Gopro Extension Pole Adaptor allows you to mount a GoPro on an extension pole. Using a telescoping extension pole allows you to extend your camera, capturing shots from places that are far out of reach. The Stauber Best GoPro extension pole adapter is compatible with the standard GoPro mounting system.

Great for use on short selfy stick poles for vlogging or on a very long pole to get amazing shots for real estate, events, and cityscapes.

  • No Tools Required.
  • Fits on a standard threaded pole.
  • GoPro And Gopro mounting thumb screw not included.

20ft Pole - Telescoping goes from 5.5 feet to 20 feet.

13ft Pole - Telescoping goes from 5 feet to 13 feet.

4ft Pole - Telescoping goes from 17 inches to 4 feet. 


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