1998-2010 Lexus/ Square Replacement 3-Button Remote Head Key Shell by StauberBest


Color: Black


The STAUBER Key Shells are designed to replace your original key shells in the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way possible. In addition, they are designed to be stronger and tougher than the original shell. No locksmith is required! Use your old key and FOB! Just put your old key and FOB into our case and bolt it all together. Done. Problem solved! 

Compatible with the following: 

ES300 2002-2003
ES330 2004-2006
GS300 1998-2005
GS400 1998-2000
GS430 2001-2005
GX470 2003-2009
LS400 1998-2000
LX470 2001-2002
RX330 2004-2006
RX350 2007-2009
RX400h 2006-2008
SC430 2009-2010

NOT compatible with IS300 or RX300 Models!

If our product doesn't work perfectly, return it for a full refund with free return shipping by contacting Amazon Customer Support or send us an email.


  • NOT compatible with IS300 or RX300! (For these models use the "STAUBER Rounded Lexus Key Shell".)
  • Use your old key and FOB. (No locksmith required.)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or a Full Refund with Free Return Shipping.
  • Designed to be stronger and tougher than the original shell.
  • Star drive key included for tightening screws. (4 screws included.)

Instruction manual

Click HERE to view the instruction manual


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