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Welcome to STAUBER Best! We are a strong, reliable and solution-based, family company. We are problem solvers; we look for everyday problems and create solutions for them. Whether it be household products or manufacturing tools, STAUBER Best prides itself on being the best. Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., STAUBER Best is designed and made here, for you.

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Baseball Cap Rack

Display your hats how you want! We made this hat rack for household and commercial use. Set it up on your dresser or hang it in your closet with the included mounting hook. It's designed to work in both directions! Do you sell hats in your store? Use this as a display and set it anywhere you’d like.


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The STAUBER Best Acrylic Potty Stool – Our Acrylic Potty Stool will aid in proper posture and leg alignment, while looking stylish and elegant. Ergonomic squatting with our potty stool can decrease constipation, hemorrhoids, straining, and bloating.

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STAUBER Best Glasses Rack and Organizer- Tiered Sunglasses Stand

Whether this sunglass display is used in your foyer, by your dresser or in your closet you know they will have a place and not get lost.

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