Stauber Best Clear Acrylic Tie and Belt Rack - Organize Your favorite Belts and Ties.





Storing as many ties or belts as possible in your closet is the way most tie racks or belt racks are designed. With the Stauber best tie and belt rack you can now display and organize your favorite ties and belts. Create easy access to the ties and belts you use most by taking them out of the storage pile in your closet and having them displayed for your enjoyment. Don't get rid of your tie hanger and belt hanger just yet. Add this to your closet wall and display your best accessories. 

About this Item

  • Best Accessories - Holds up to 8 ties or 7 belts. Mix and match belt and ties together; Holds belts you can't store on hangers; Keep your ties and belts straight.
  • Clear acrylic - The tie and belt rack brings your accessories to the forefront. and gives your accessories the impression that your items are floating.
  • American-made clear acrylic so nothing distracts from your awesome tie and belt collection.
  • Easy Install - Assembles in a few minutes with our included drywall anchors your display game will change forever.



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