Floor Standing Sneeze Guard For Chemistry Labs Biology/Physics Lab Bench Counter Protection 6'H


Size: 6'H x 2'W



Our product return policies and practices are to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees. Due to Health Safety Concerns in the COVID-19 Pandemic all personal protection equipment (PPE) and Personal protection barriers (PPB) are non-returnable and non-refundable.
PPE and PPB products include, but are not limited to, all sneeze guards including cubicle sneeze guards, all protective barriers as well as touch-free multitool, guards, shields and Face-masks.

 This Floor Standing Sneeze Guard with extension side panel is easy to assemble and gives a sleek look to your space. 

  • Specially designed for college, university, and high school laboratories.
  • A barrier for Retail, Office Spacial Divider, Customers, Front desk Reception.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum. 
  • Customizable panel sizes (Call to Order).
  • Adjustable side panel.
  • Light and transparent lets light and visuals through the panel.
  • Can connect to create wall divider partition.
  • Connect Multiple Units Together with Ease.

Check out our Collection of sneeze guards and custom sneeze guards.

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