How do you change a high light bulb without a ladder?
It’s 2021 and there are still people out there losing time, money, energy, as well as, risking injury trying to change their light bulbs. StauberBest’s solution to the problem is the StauberBest Bulb changer. Whether it is a hotel, a restaurant, or a house our Bulb Changer can get the job done. With a variety of poll sizes ranging from 4ft to 22ft, you'll be able to toss the ladder aside and never look back. Our suctions are specifically designed for the heavy LED light bulbs. Using our Bulb Changer correctly, ensures you will never drop a lightbulb again. Our StauberBest Gripper gives you the versatility for changing different types and sizes of bulbs. The embedded rubber tips make gripping and twisting light bulbs a breeze. You won't have to worry about losing your time and energy just to fall off the ladder and you won't have to lose money in hiring someone for a task that should take a moment's time.
Bulb changer

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