How do you install a sneeze guard?
Installing a sneeze guard has never been easier. Whether it's for a desk, table, cubicle, or laboratory setting up a sneeze guard is now a simple and easy task. has a variety of panels and stands to match any retail, office, hospitality, and school settings. Installing on a desk or counter is as easy as setting the panel in the stands. no tools required. Our Free Standing portable stands and adhesive Sticky Stands are also easy to place and setup the panels the same way. For your office cubicles, our clips sizes range from 2” -3.5”. It's as simple as putting the clips on the cubicle and placing the panel inside the clips. Just like that, you're all set and protected. Our Floor Standing and Hanging Sneeze Guard are some of the BEST ways to protect yourself without having installation and set up being difficult (tools required). As these are unique and trying times, continues to design sneeze guards with temporary placement and simple installation in mind.
Sneeze guards

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