What is a hair catcher?
There's no place hair, long or short, straight or curly, likes to get stuck more than in all of our drains. No one likes cleaning their clogged drain or spending money for someone else to do the dirty deed. The StauberBest Bathtub Hair Catcher and Tub Stopper is the perfect solution to this tricky situation with an added bonus. Stauberbest carefully designed Hair Catcher and Tub Stopper fits perfectly in your drain, stops any hair trying to clog the drain, plus can act as a tub stopper. No longer do you need to choose between bath and shower. Other hair catchers tend to get gross over time and be moved by the water and end up being a useless. The design allows for a cleaner product, as well as, minimal movement so you will never have to deal with a clogged drain again. Everyone can enjoy saving money while still enjoying a cleaner shower!
Hair catcher

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