What Is a Console Table?

Console tables are long, shallow storage options and a great way to utilize small spaces to not only function

as additional storage but to also show off some of your home décor and personality.

What Are Console Tables Used For?

In an entryway or against the back of a couch, a console table can be incorporated into almost any unutilized space. 
If you want extra storage and easy access, you can replace your bathroom or bedroom vanity with a console table with shelves.
Most of our consoles can be used as tv stands, especially with LEDs, that's when you
see our furniture really light up...
acrylic console By The EntranceBy Entrance
acrylic console By The EntranceBehind Sofa
acrylic console By The EntranceAs Vanity

In Hotels, office buildings, and apartments in elevator lobbies and other common areas. 

Acrylic Console Table Features

Your favorite art, books, and even small potted plants can be displayed on the additional surface of a console table.
The circular shape of a mirror will add contrast and depth to your entryway table if it's installed against a wall.
We can custom-make your exclusive table, please contact us for more details (minimum quantities will apply). 

Why Acrylic Furniture?

Airy, Stylish & Modern Look and Feel

Acrylic offers the same luxurious look as glass, but without fragility.
This is true, but I would also add that acrylic is brighter than glass,
allowing natural light to permeate the space.
Similar to hanging a mirror that reflects and bounces surrounding light.
If you’re in search of a unique and modern look, 
contemporary and easy to clean,
the transparent properties and benefits of acrylic furniture are now at your fingertips. 

Acrylic Can Make Your Space Feel Bigger

If you already have a small living room, acrylic furniture pieces will help you with your look.
It will make your space feel bigger by allowing light to pass through them.
Best Acrylic Coffee Table Set
Similar to hanging a mirror that reflects and bounces surrounding light. By appearing to take up little floor space,
acrylic furniture can also add to the feeling of spaciousness in large rooms.   

Safer, More Durable, Water/Stain Proof & UV Resistant

Acrylic offers the same luxurious look as glass, but without the fragility. Glass is extremely fragile, as you already know.
One wrong bump can break it causing undesired harm.  
Person working at acrylic desk
Acrylic furniture's durability is unparalleled when you consider how flexible and resilient they are and how resistant they are to UV rays. 
Water and other liquids do not stick to Acrylic, making it the BEST CHOICE for your furniture. No more sun-shaded furniture - Place your acrylic
consoles wherever you like and you won't have to worry about redecorating to keep them in good condition. 
Some of our Console tables and desks are designed with our
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