Finger Pinch Guard - Baby Proof Your Home and always protect those wittle fingers!




The Stauber Best Finger Pinch Guard is the first of its kind. It is the first pinch guard that is always activated. Other pinch guards can be put on for protection but when removed those wittle fingers are not safe anymore. Our Patent Pending finger protector takes safety as a first priority. You don’t think you need one of these door pinch protectors until it happens unexpectedly. 
  • Baby Proof - Stop the door from closing and causing harm to children with this NEW Patent Pending finger pinch protector.
  • Auto-Lock - the Stauber best finger pinch guard is always activated, always ready to protect those little fingers. Close the door completely by moving the wedge out to the way and watch it snap back when you open the door again. DontNo more worrying about your poor baby getting stitches or rushed to the ER (designed by parents for parents). 
  • Dual Side Release - our system includes a strap and tab for when you need to release the mechanism from the other side of the door, like when you are leaving from the entrance or closing the door from the inside of a room.
  • High-Quality Plastic Resin - compression-resistant resins hold the door open and hug the corner of the door allowing for the door to be safe from both the doorknob side and the hinge side.
  • Easy Install -  Removal Adhesive included just peel and stick, remove when not needed without any residue. (Peel off gently)

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