STAUBER Best Basketball Shoe Rack - display and store your favorite kicks!




Our new basketball shoe rack or sneaker wall shelf is designed as a floating sneaker shoe rack, that shows off your collection of your favorite sneakers or basketball shoes.

We designed this for sneakerheads and sneaker freaks.

This sneaker shelf is a more affordable display than any shoe rack with led lights.

You can use our "Ikea sneaker shelf" style shoe organizer, as a shoe rack for the closet. It is the best way to display and use as shoe storage for the shoes you love the most. What's cool about this sneaker storage shelf, is that your Basketball sneakers will be kept away from pets, spills, and accidents.

Also, it's super clear, so you'll see the Sneakers floating more than the display.

Keep your basketball sneakers crisp and in shape by using this basketball shoe rack the best shoe rack for your closet. Keep your shoe hoarding in your regular shoe storage.

Proudly Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

  • Display your  basketball sneakers how you want! We made this basketball shoe rack for household and commercial use. Set it up in your bedroom or hang it in your closet with the included mounting hook. Do you sell basketball shoes in your store? Use this as a display and set it anywhere you’d like.
  • American-made clear acrylic so nothing distracts from your awesome sneaker collection.
  • Assembles in a few minutes. With our custom-made wrench and 5 minutes, your shoe display game will change forever.
  • Holds a pair of shoes on a single rack. Organize your shoe collection in a way that makes it easy to grab and go yet protects them from your pets and spills.
  • Keep your shoes crisp and in shape by using this shoe rack.  This product holds the Sneakers by the heel to maintain the proper contour, the way a shoe holder should be. Other basketball shoe racks sit against the wall sideways, in a BOX, or hidden on a low shelf causing your Basketball sneakers to be displayed flat (not in 3d) and can cause them to get nicked and dinged.  




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