STAUBER BEST- Bulb Changer Kit with Aluminum Extension Pole/ 4 ft-9 ft-20 ft.


Size: Kit with 4FT Powerlatch Pole


The STAUBER Best Bulb Changer is a heavy-duty, top of the line bulb changer with unparalleled reliability and durability. First light bulb changer designed for LED bulbs! If used correctly with the included bulb cleaning device, it will NEVER drop a light bulb. With a press-fit steel pin, the suction cup will never spin. With an embedded steel nut, the thumbscrew will never strip. With support around the suction cup, the bulb will never wobble. 


With pre-assembled wire loops, you will never have to feed a string through tiny holes. The STAUBER Best Bulb Changer fits any standard universal threaded pole. Its rugged and thoroughly tested design guarantees that your light bulb changing experience will be simple and reliable. Every time. (Remember: Always wear safety glasses when changing light bulbs, And turn off the light bulb before changing it.) The heavy-duty STAUBER Extension pole uses powerful latches to lock the poles and prevent spinning. It extends from 6 to 22 feet for changing high ceilings and for easy storage. It includes an angled connector for use with dusters and other cleaning products. It is compatible with any cleaning product using the Standard Universal Thread. (Also, NEW Salvage Sticky Pads are included for removing dimpled or unusually shaped bulbs to get you out of that "sticky" situation!) 


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