STAUBER Best Potty Stool - Acrylic Squatting Toilet Step Stool- Original Style






STAUBER Best Potty Stool - Squatting Toilet Stool

The STAUBER Best modern style toilet stool lifts your spirits and your legs! Designed ergonomically for toilet lounging and storage. Pull out your new clear toilet stool and step up your style.

The STAUBER Best Acrylic Potty Stool – Our Acrylic Potty Stool will aid in proper posture and leg alignment while looking stylish and elegant. Ergonomic squatting with our potty stool can decrease constipation, hemorrhoids, straining, and bloating.

(Not for use as a standing stool)

Doctor Designed and Recommended improving sitting conditions and leg alignment with our luxurious toilet ottoman. It provides a 6.5” lift with a gentle curve for you to achieve superior elimination.

Made in the USA - Our American Design and in House Manufacturing produces the sturdiest and most affordable acrylic stool on the market.

Modern Transparent Design - Spoil yourself with the potty stool that disappears in your space without looking cramped! (For the most glamorous results, use our STAUBER Best Smudge Remover spray to clean, or use soap and water and a microfiber cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaners on acrylic. 



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