STAUBER Best Sneeze Shield - Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Shield, Barrier Protects Employees Against Coughing and Sneezing Customers.


Size: 18"W x 18"H


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The STAUBER Best Sneeze Shield 

  • Made in the USA! This clear, portable acrylic shield can be an effective solution against droplets from coughing or sneezing.
  • Set on a counter, table, or front desk, use multiple sheets side by side to form a barrier.
  • Transfer money or documents below the guard. (1" passthrough)
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • SuperGrip guard clips.
  • Quality Plexiglass guard for transparency and resistance to shattering, impacts, and most non-abrasive cleaners.

Check out our Collection of sneeze guards and custom sneeze guards.



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