Stauber Best Sock Aid and Shoe Horn - Hinged Sock Aid and New Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn - Design for post surgery.


Title: Sock Aid and Shoe Horn


  • Sock Aid - for people with back pain and post back, hip, and knee surgery, Post fusion, Total Hip replacement, Total knee replacement, Sciatica, Obesity, Stiffness of joints, Arthritis. (Not for Compression socks)  
  • Works with compression socks up to 20 mmHg.
  • Extra Long Handle - 34 inches - Sock Aid and Shoe Horn!
  • Do away with unwieldy strings and complicated gadgets! The STAUBER is a simple, flexible design.
  • The fastest, simplest way to put on both socks and shoes - A seamless process that makes old fashioned sock "aides" obsolete!
  • For busy people with places to go! The STAUBER will make your morning routine a pleasure and start your day on the right foot (and left foot, too).
  • Great for all kinds of shoes and especially boots! This makes a great gift for family and friends. They will remember you every time they can independently get dressed pain-free and hassle-free!
  • Expertly designed by a board-certified orthopedist.
SOCK AID AND SHOE HORN - COMBINES A SOCK AID WITH A LONG-HANDLED SHOEHORN – Smooth sock aid with lip minimizes the mobility required to put on socks by extending your reach. The hinge allows a small profile while getting your shoes on when using the shoehorn. Easily remove socks as well. weight 5 1/4 oz., with an overall length of 32”.
    32” REACHER TO REACHER - Reach all the items around your house without too much strain. Durable, lightweight frame that folds in half for easy storage.
      CONTOURED LONG-HANDLED BATH SPONGE – Avoid bending and twisting to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the back, legs, and feet. Soft non-irritating foam is gentle on the skin with a wide plastic support stem extending halfway through the sponge for added leverage.
        DRESSING STICK - Makes it easier for anyone with the use of only one arm or other mobility limitations to get dressed. Plastic coated combination hook/pusher assists in putting on shirts, pulling up slacks, or removing socks.

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