Vent Cover - for Steel Vents Only (5" x 12") Magnetic by StauberBest


Item Package Quantity: 1 Pack



The STAUBER Best Vent Cover uses a unique, innovative design to provide the most powerful, energy-efficient way to cover your vents. It works on floors, walls, and even ceilings! It mounts to any steel vent using 6 strong magnets. Just make sure your vents are magnetic before purchasing! Test them with a magnet you already own. Some vents are made from aluminum or plastic and are not magnetic!


  • BEFORE PURCHASING: Check if your vent is magnetic!
  • Will not work on Plastic or Aluminum vents! Use a magnet you already own to check if your vent is magnetic.
  • Holds firmly to steel vents with 6 strong magnets. Works on floor, wall, or even ceiling!
  • High R-Value foam insulation provides an effective thermal barrier.

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