Paddle Mixer for Mud Pan (Disposable) - Pack of 7 - By StauberBest




The STAUBER Best Mud Pan mixer is the first Disposable Power Mixer compatible with standard drills. It is also the first power mixer that works with standard mud pans for mixing plaster. That's why it is the best. Stop cleaning your mixers after every use or mixing manually with wooden sticks. Upgrade to the STAUBER Best Mud Pan Mixer and join the elite group of people who work smarter. Not harder!
  • Pack of 7 Mixers - 100% Disposable - Power Drill Compatible
  • The first disposable power mixer! Never waste time cleaning off your mixer again!
  • The first power mixer that works with standard mud pans! Never waste time mixing manually again!
  • Unique splatter-proof design! Also, turn upside down after mixing to prevent drips on the way to the trash!
  • Flexible double helix form allows for extra smooth and thorough mixing.
  • Compatible with standard drills.
  • Drill not included.

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