Tablecloth Clips - Magnetic tablecloth holder by StauberBest (4 per pack)


Color: White



The STAUBERBest Magnetic Tablecloth Clips uses extremely powerful neodymium magnets that hold up to 11 lbs. This makes holding down your tablecloth a "breeze," even on the windiest day! If your table is not magnetic, mount the included adhesive, steel discs to your table for the magnets to work.


  • 1.5-inch Diameter - Extremely Powerful Neodymium Magnets - Hold 11 lbs!
  • Rust Resistant, Adhesive, Steel Discs are Included for Non-Magnetic Tables.
  • 4 Magnets and 4 Steel Discs are Included.
  • A Swiveling Handle Makes it Possible to Remove the Strong Magnets with Ease.
  • Never struggle with cheap clamps again! Upgrade to the STAUBER Best Table Cloth Holder!

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