Can you electrocute yourself changing a light bulb?
When changing a light bulb the first step is to make sure the light switch is shut off. Surprisingly enough, there are plenty of ways of getting hurt or injured when changing a light bulb. Getting electrocuted is rare but certainly can happen and is not the most common way for people to get hurt. Light Bulbs also tend to get hot after being on for a long period of time. What better way to avoid risking electrocution and touching a hot object than to keep your distance! The StauberBest Bulb Changers allows you to keep your distance while changing out your bulbs. Our patented suction and gripping devices solves another dangerous unexpected problem like bulb dropping. You no longer need to worry about the bulb breaking in your hand or falling and shattering on the ground. The suction and gripper make sure the bulb is secure and safe for removal. A shockingly dangerous task has been transformed into a simple chore.
Bulb changer

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