What is a sponge holder?
Having a sponge holder these days is the only way to ensure you maximize the effectiveness and longevity of your sponges. No one wants clutter around the sink or an ugly holder getting in the way of dishes and sliding down into the sink. The StauberBest Sponge Holder is designed with exactly that in mind. Made with a stainless steel cage and a modern look, our holder frees up counter space and with a sturdy magnet mounting system that doesn't allow the holder to twist in the sink. Another benefit of the StauberBest Sponge Holder is that it extends the sponges lifetime. Placing the sponge in the sponge holder allows it to drain and aerate properly and efficiently while not getting unnecessarily funky sponge smells. Clean and long lasting sponges save you money and protects from unwanted bacterial growth.
Sponge holder

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