How do you change a high light bulb?
Changing light bulbs can be a surprisingly cumbersome activity. Going to get your ladder that's stashed away under other rusting tools or asking your neighbor to borrow the 20 year old wobbly ladder is never the funnest activity. Carrying the heavy ladder into the house, and bringing it to each spot that a light bulb needs changing, can be a simple annoyance for young people and can be a dangerous problem for the older generation. Either way, the StauberBest Bulb Changer is the BEST solution. The StauberBest Bulb Changer has a variety of pole sizes from 4ft to 20ft with a range of reach up 10 feet to 27 feet, all light weight and easy to move. You won't have to think about carrying heavy ladders again, as well as, no longer need to leave the ground and risk injury or damage dealing with ladders. The different suction cup bulb changers allow for the easy removal and replacement of heavy LED lights, while the gripper grabs different light bulb shapes and sizes.
Bulb changer

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