Do I need a shoehorn?
Plenty of people would be surprised that their daily routine of putting on socks and shoes could be made easier. Recovering from injury whether it being back, hip, or leg can make you realize how even simple things can be difficult and challenging. Putting on socks and shoes is no exception. Back and hip pain make bending over difficult when putting on footwear, so what better way to dress than to limit your bending. The StauberBest Sock Aid and Shoe Horn allows the older generation, as well as, people recovering from injury to put on socks with it’s simple and easy to use design. An extra long and flexible handle will bring back the simplicity of putting socks on and the dual functionality will also guide your foot into the shoe with ease. Not only will the StauberBest Sock Aid and Shoe Horn assist you in this, but it will prolong the life and look of your foot wear. You will no longer have to deal with stretching and ruining the shape of your socks and shoes.
Sock aid

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