How do you clean a sneeze guard?
Cleaning sneeze guards is a quick and easy process but important nonetheless. Keeping a sneeze guard clean is not only helpful for the panel's longevity and appearance, but also for your own personal or businesses appearance. Whether it’s to help the panels visible appearance or for killing the invisible harmful bacteria, the correct cleaning solution and cloth are crucial for upkeep. A microfiber cloth is ideal in order to avoid scratching the panel that causes lasting damage. To clean your sneeze guard from viral bacteria, you must use soap and water or an alcohol based cleaner, to decrease how much bacteria will be on its surface which greatly reduces the risk of exposure. After prolonged use, the sneeze guard may begin to discolor and although we have all learned not to judge a book by its cover, people still fall into that bad habit. If someone sees a dirty sneeze guard, they are more likely to avoid it. This is a real problem with retail stores and businesses coming into contact with new customers. The StauberBest Smudge Remover is the perfect solution for your sneeze guard to bring back and keep that squeaky clean look. Our smudge remover removes smudges, oils, and fingerprints which causes damage and the discoloring of the panel. Even more so than cleaning what's on it, the StauberBest Smudge Remover removes fogginess, static, and even repels dust. The Smudge remover is alcohol free and is not an anti bacterial disinfectant. Cleaning your sneeze guard daily or when coming into direct contact with people, will limit exposure and increase clarity for your employees and customers. A clean sneeze guard will protect you, last longer, as well as, give you the BEST appearance possible.
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